Mericle Welcomes New Intern

Press Releases | December 2, 2021

Meet Max Misericordia University Junior Max Gariano has joined the Mericle team as an intern in the accounting department. After graduating from Crestwood High School in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, he knew he wanted to pursue accounting, which he calls, “the language of business.” Max knew that Mericle was heavily involved in Northeastern Pennsylvania real estate […]

Kingston Leather Goods Company Opens Artisan Workshop

Press Releases | October 14, 2021

Duvall Leatherwork, a Kington-based designer and manufacturer of fine leather goods, has expanded its business by leasing space in Hanover Industrial Estates, Hanover Township. The company has leased a 6,015 square foot flex space at 1065 Hanover Street from Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services and will use the space to support its retail operation at […] Chooses Mericle Building in CenterPoint

Press Releases | August 5, 2021 will open its first Pennsylvania pharmacy in a Mericle building in CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park, Pittston Township, Luzerne County. The company has leased a 155,000 square foot building from Mericle at 360 Research Drive. The project was announced by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. “Pennsylvania is known across the nation as one of the […]

Mericle Welcomes Summer Interns

Press Releases | July 6, 2021

Ireland Davies Stays for the Summer Ireland Davies, a writing major at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA, is sharpening her writing skills as an intern at DiscoverNEPA. Powered by Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services, DiscoverNEPA promotes the quality of life of the 10 counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania via customized videos, feature articles, a website and […]

Study Reveals Top Site Selection Factors

Press Releases | June 9, 2021

Highway access and the availability of skilled labor continue to battle it out as the top factors that determine where executives locate their business units.  Availability of skilled labor grabbed the top spot in 2020 but highway access wins a narrow victory over the past five years.  Labor costs consistently ranks in the top five. […]

Mericle Installs Industry’s Best Roofing System on its Buildings

Press Releases | May 25, 2021

The Butler MR-24 roof system that Mericle installs on its projects is far superior to the rubber roof typically found on hard wall buildings. In fact, according to a third-party study completed by the Metal Construction Association, the life of the MR-24 roof is 60 years. Butler Manufacturing™ reports that at a minimum, its roof […]

Organizing Around Teams:

A Next Gen Office Design Case Study

Q&A with Kelly Mericle

Mericle Insights Blog | May 3, 2021

Blog Guest: Kelly Mericle, Owner of Kelly Mericle Design  Challenge: Not enough team spaces for people to collaborate Solution: A modern office layout with a variety of different types of spaces that enable employees to un-tether from their desks and work collaboratively Kevin:  Hi Kelly, thanks so much for taking the time to share your […]

5 Signs It’s Time To Right Size

Mericle Insights Blog | April 12, 2021

“Intentional Serendipity Series” from Mericle Many business leaders are being forced to question whether or not they still need as much office space as they had pre-COVID.  As we discussed in our last article – many leading firms are pursuing a hybrid model, where at least for certain company positions, the 5 day per week […]

How 10 Leading Firms are Implementing an Intentional Remote Work Strategy

Mericle Insights Blog | March 22, 2021

“Intentional Serendipity Series” from Mericle As COVID vaccinations progress in NEPA, business leaders are being confronted with the difficult decision of how much remote work flexibility should be retained as on-going policy. In our previous articles, we’ve covered some of theory on the strengths and weaknesses of remote work.  In this piece, we take that […]

Work From Home Can Kill Innovation, and What To Do About It

Mericle Insights Blog | March 15, 2021

“Intentional Serendipity Series” from Mericle You’ve probably heard the old adage that “people don’t want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.” Many of us have accepted this simple lesson as a subtle reminder to sell the benefits of our products, and not the features.  Frankly, our customers could care less about our products […]