Truly unique to Mericle’s vertically-integrated structure is our in-house Excavation team, consisting of heavy-equipment operators, drivers, laborers, technicians, mechanics, foremen, superintendents, and project managers. Our Excavation team prepares sites for construction faster and more economically than all other commercial developers in the markets in which we conduct business. Excavation’s work allows us to show you ReadyToGo!™ Sites that have already been planned, permitted, subdivided, cleared, graded, and prepared for the immediate construction of your building’s foundation. To accomplish this, Mericle owns numerous pieces of modern equipment that is equipped with the latest GPS software.

From building pad projects with earthwork of more than 1,500,000 cubic yards to aggregate production to roadway and utility extension, our Excavation team members have the resources, knowledge, and experience to accomplish any type of infrastructure or land preparation project. The team prides itself on its ability to change priorities and realign resources and equipment to meet your project schedule.