In commercial real estate, speed to occupancy often wins the day. Mericle’s ReadyToGo!™ Program helps our tenants and prospective tenants stay ahead of the competition by making sure we always have a wide variety of fully prepared sites and buildings available.

ReadyToGo!™ Buildings

Mericle has developed more industrial, flex, and office space on speculation than any developer in NEPA’s history. We even constructed 15 buildings on speculation from 2008 through 2013 during one of the worst recessions in U.S. history. By regularly building on speculation, we will always be able to provide you with quality space, whether you need 5,000 square feet or 500,000 square feet.

We also make our spaces available on a month-to-month basis. Mericle’s tenants and others often call upon us for short-term space during their especially busy times.

ReadyToGo!™ Sites

Our in-house Excavation Division works year-round to prepare our sites for new construction.

For our ReadyToGo!™ Sites, we obtain all permits and full subdivision, land development, utility, and zoning approvals. In most cases, we complete all grading, including the placement of compacted stone sub-base in the building and pavement areas, and ensure the parcels are completely ready for the immediate construction of your building’s foundation.

Our ReadyToGo!™ Sites can accommodate buildings ranging from 10,000 square feet to more than 500,000 square feet. Once you choose a ReadyToGo!™ Site and sign a lease agreement with Mericle, we’ll have your new building finished and ready for occupancy in record time.

Mericle’s ReadyToGo!™ Program

We always have a wide variety of fully prepared sites and buildings in business parks throughout NEPA.

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ReadyToGo!™ Trailer Storage

Are you in need of overflow space to park your trailers? Mericle can provide you with a short-term cure for your crowded trailer lot.

Mericle’s many ReadyToGo!™ Sites are ideal for trailer storage. We lease these sites on a per trailer, month-to-month basis to help our tenants and other businesses when they need extra spots, especially during their peak seasons.

When you need space, especially if you are in a hurry, use our searchable database to find a property that meets your needs, then contact Bob Besecker, Jim Hilsher, or Bill Jones to schedule your tour.