Mericle Commercial Real Estate Group, Inc. (MCREG) provides you with third-party commercial real estate brokerage services in our 20-county service territory in Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania. We’ll help you sell or lease your industrial, office, retail, and special-use properties. We’ll also help you find commercial buildings and sites throughout our coverage territory. And, if you need assistance finding a property outside of our footprint, we’ll utilize our membership in the TCN Network, a national real estate consortium, to complete a successful search.

MCREG will also provide business brokerage services if you are a business owner interested in selling your goodwill, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. This may be performed with or without your real estate as an asset for sale.

Sell or Lease Your Property

MCREG has developed an eight-step process that is designed to find the right buyer or tenant for your commercial building or site.

  1. Valuating and Evaluating. During our first step, we undertake a competitive market analysis so that we can perform an accurate valuation and evaluation of your property. We find and analyze comparable properties that have sold and/or leased in the market in the past three years. We use each “comparable” to set a sales and/or lease price—a “value”—that we think is realistic for your property. Our “evaluation” is our recommendation for the highest value and best use of your real estate.
  2. Finding the Right Match. After completing our evaluation, we define a clear outline of the attributes and potential uses of your property. We then develop a list of potential buyers and/or tenants. MCREG is very fortunate to have more than 25,000 names and addresses in our database of contacts, which allows us to develop a customized contact list for your property.
  3. Contacting the Targets. MCREG uses four methods to personally introduce your property to potential users and cooperating brokers in the regional and national marketplace. We use face-to-face meetings at regional and national trade shows, email blasts, direct-mail campaigns, and telephone calls to spread the word.
  4. Advertising Your Property. We promote your property on this website and on numerous national and regional searchable real estate databases including those managed by LoopNet, CoStar, Property Line, Plain Vanilla Shell, and various MLS organizations. Once per quarter, MCREG mails a full-color brochure with information about our listings to 5,000 +/- commercial real estate brokers, economic development officials, business executives, and investors. On a monthly basis, we announce all of our new listings via a printed and electronic mailer. On occasion, MCREG advertises our listings in newspapers and business magazines throughout the region.
  5. Designing Your Brochure. MCREG will prepare a distinctive full-color brochure for your property that outlines all of the information an interested party needs to make an informed buying or leasing decision.
  6. Screening Your Customers. When a target expresses interest, MCREG will assess its general business reputation and determine its ability to purchase or lease your property. We’ll report all of our findings back to you.
  7. Giving You Feedback. Your MCREG agent will maintain regular contact with you to keep you up to date about our efforts to market your property.
  8. Serving as Your Advisor throughout the Negotiation Process. MCREG will work closely with you during contract negotiations to obtain the best sale and/or lease price for your property.

We believe this eight-step process represents the most comprehensive sales/leasing plan in the industry. We feel that our many strategic community relationships firmly position us as the best candidate to assist in the lease or sale of your commercial real estate. We are confident in our ability to rise above the competition to help you sell or lease your property.

Find a Property

Our Four-Step Process

Seekers of commercial real estate often ask Mericle to help them find a property that matches their needs.

Our agents work diligently to find the most suitable buildings and/or sites and then act solely on your behalf to help negotiate the best possible sale or lease terms.

To ensure our commitment to you, we may enter into a “buyer’s agency” that creates a “client-principal relationship.” This enables the Mericle sales agent to work on your behalf to safeguard your interests in obtaining the best possible acquisition price.

When representing you during your property search, Mericle agents use the following four-step process to increase the chances that suitable real estate will be found.

  1. Assessing Your Needs. First, we ask you to outline your basic real estate needs. Then, using our knowledge of the local market and commercial real estate, we work closely with you to more specifically define a “suitable property.” This helps us greatly during our property search. We also do our best to assess your financial capabilities to help us match you with a property you can afford.
  2. Finding a Property. During the search phase, we use our extensive network of national and local commercial listing services, our relationships with scores of brokers from other firms, and our extensive knowledge of the market to find a property that fits your needs.
  3. Representing You During Negotiations. We will advise you as to whether the asking price is fair for the market and will work on your behalf to secure the property at a price that is acceptable to you.
  4. Representing You at the Closing. Mericle’s agent will help you through the closing transaction. He or she will communicate regularly with the seller, the seller’s legal counsel, your counsel, your lender, and the closing/title agent to increase the likelihood of a smooth closing.

Business Brokerage Services

When helping an owner sell a business, we interview company management to get a clear understanding of the strengths of the business being sold. We then develop a customized marketing plan to attract business buyer prospects. We also develop a business valuation summary that uses comparable sales of other businesses using a national database. Our valuation takes into consideration an analysis of a normalized income statement and the value of normalized cash flows to the business. Setting a fair value is a solid way to promote a sale that will be satisfying to both the buyer and the seller.

Please search our available properties or contact us to learn more about our available properties. We look forward to helping you.