The Butler MR-24 roof system that Mericle installs on its projects is far superior to the rubber roof typically found on hard wall buildings. In fact, according to a third-party study completed by the Metal Construction Association, the life of the MR-24 roof is 60 years. Butler Manufacturing™ reports that at a minimum, its roof system will last two to three times longer than a rubber roof system. Maintenance costs are also dramatically lower for metal vs rubber. Studies of Butler’s largest end-users put MR-24 maintenance at .002 cents per square foot vs. rubber roof maintenance costs of 2-7 cents per square foot. Simply put, Butler MR-24 roof systems are more durable and easier to maintain.

Mericle project manager Bob Jackson said, “Butler manufacturing’s MR-24 roof system is the industry’s first and finest standing seam metal roof system and boasts the longest life span of any roof on the market with the fewest possible penetrations. A Butler-maintained and calibrated mechanical seaming tool bends the metal to form an exclusive 360-degree double lock seam and connect to the structure without ever penetrating the roof.” 

Mericle Installs Industry’s Best Roofing System on its Buildings

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