Northeastern Pennsylvania, together with the Lehigh Valley and Central PA (Greater Harrisburg) make up what has become known as the I-78/ I-81 Industrial Corridor. This corridor has seen dramatic growth in bulk industrial development in recent years.

The I-78/ I-81 Corridor’s steady growth and ever-increasing stature as a preferred distribution location, fueled in part by the growth of e-commerce in the United States, has resulted in more truck traffic on the region’s highways and more demand for trailer storage sites. Recognizing this growing demand, Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services advertises its fully prepared sites as being available for lease for month-to-month trailer storage. Mericle calls these prepared lots ReadyToGo!™ Sites and, by extension, those which it has made available for tractor trailer storage, ReadyToGo!™ Trailer Storage Sites.

One unexpected benefit of the ReadyToGo!™ Program has been Mericle’s ability to provide industries with overflow trailer storage, especially during seasonal peaks. Mericle leases these sites on a per trailer, month-to-month basis to help their tenants and other businesses when they need extra spots, especially during their peak seasons.

“We’ve helped numerous companies by allowing them to park on our fully graded lots on a month to month basis,” said Robert Mericle. “They had difficulty finding suitable lots close to their facilities so we were able to provide them with lifelines. We’ll continue to make our ReadyToGo! Sites available for trailer storage until such time that we decide to build on them.”

Some of the firms which have leased Mericle sites for temporary trailer storage include Home Depot USA, Inc., BBU (Bimbo Bakeries), FedEx Ground, Michaels Stores, Schneider Resources, Inc., Peco Pallet, Inc., Steelcase, Inc., United Parcel Service, E.S. Kluft & Company, J.B. Hunt Transport, and Many of these firms are also tenants in Mericle buildings.

The region has experienced significant growth and is projected to continue on this growth trajectory in years to come. In its October 2017 report, Greater Philadelphia Marketflash, the commercial real estate firm CBRE touted Pennsylvania’s I-78/ I-81 Corridor as a hotspot for industrial growth. In the report, CBRE’s Head of Industrial & Logistics Research David Egan was quoted as saying about the corridor, “I don’t know of another place in the world that has gone from a submarket to a global hub in eight years.”

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