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Guided Tour

190 Welles Street, Suite 180
Cross Valley West Professional Building, Forty Fort, PA

Former fitness center that is begging for conversion to a modern creative office space.
1/4 mile from the Cross Valley Expressway (SR 309)
Mericle will custom fit to the space your exact specifications

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Building Improvements

  • Available space is 8,648 SF.
  • Building contains 381,881 SF.
  • Most recent use was as a fitness center. Space can be converted to office or medical space.
  • Available space is accessed by an existing, entrance vestibule at grade. Interior access available.
  • Exterior wall construction has concrete masonry with an architecturally designed, exterior insulated finishing system, and thermally-broken, aluminum frame, insulated glass, windows.
  • Available space has a combination of open ceilings and specialty acoustical suspended ceiling systems.
  • Available space flooring is a mixture of exposed concrete, luxury vinyl tile, porcelain tile, and carpeting.
  • Available space has existing general lighting with a combination of specialty hanging fluorescent fixtures and 2 x 4 fluorescent troffer fixtures, as well as accent lighting wall sconces.
  • Available space has a 200 amp 120/208 volt 3 phase, electrical service.
  • Available space has existing heating and cooling supplied by electric/gas roof top packaged unit.
  • Available space has an existing, light hazard, sprinkler system.
  • Provisions for domestic water and natural gas provided.
  • All utilities shall be separately metered.

Site Improvements

  • Ample parking.
  • Asphalt paved parking lot with professionally maintained landscaping.
  • Marquee signs at street entrance and building sign location available.
  • Outdoor picnic area available.


Hi everyone!

Welcome to this Mericle Real Estate Virtual Tour!

I’m Kevin O’Boyle – that’s me down there {points down}, and I’m your tour guide for today.

Today’s featured space is the Welles Creative Studio – a former fitness center – that is perfect for conversion to an inspiring creative office space for anyone that is looking for the right environment to augment their company’s unique brand and culture.


So, getting us situated – the 190 Welles Street property is in a great, easily accessible location in Forty Fort – which is just 1 minute off of exit 4 on Route 309 and about 5 minutes from Interstate 81.

It’s centrally located to many of the NEPA’s main population centers – being immediately surrounded by Dallas, Kingston, Wyoming, and Wilkes-Barre – and predominately caters to medical users.


Before we hop into the tour, I’d like to get you acquainted with the floor plan of this ~8,500 SF suite.

As you can see by the diagram, the floor plan is very open with about 10 different spaces to work with.  The two main spaces are the prior open workout and aerobics rooms which combined make up about half of the total space, and there’s a few small spaces in the rear.


So what do you say, let’s start our walk through.

  • As you walk in, the first thing on your left is a lounge area, and to the right a small kitchen area
  • Peeking behind the reception area, there is small room for a manager’s office or some additional meeting space.
  • A few more steps and we’ve entered the central workspace – which measures about ~2,700 SF. While the large open floor plan can easily accommodate the needs of any business…
  • It’s some of the design elements here that make this space really special:
    • Looking around you’ll see the high, exposed ceilings.
    • Splashes of brick, exposed beams, and polished concrete floors.
    • These elements blend together for a cool urban feel.

Now, let’s head left down this hallway to access what was previously an aerobics studio.

  • Before we enter, on this large wall you’ll see a great opportunity to add a mural or reinforce your company branding
  • This room – being ~1,500 SF – for the right client – we imagine this space being converted into both a large conference room and an executive suite.

To finish the tour, we’ll check out the few rooms in the back.  As you can see, the bathrooms and locker rooms are recently renovated with a very modern style.  Should you want to retain part of the aerobics room and the high end locker rooms as an amenity for your employees, you’ll have that option.

And last but not least, these two additional rooms to serve as private offices or storage areas.


So to recap:

  • At 190 Welles Street, we have a ~8,500 SF former fitness studio that is begging for conversion to a modern open office concept.
  • It’s perfectly-suited for a marketing, design or architecture group; or possibly physical therapy with a fitness component.

This space is an open canvas ~

With a fresh coat of paint, and a bit of imagination, this space can shine bright for a company looking to create an inspiring environment for their employees and clients.


If you want to learn more about the Welles Creative Studio, please click the link below to schedule an appointment with one of our commercial real estate experts to learn more.

Mericle Real Estate provides turn-key support for our client’s real estate needs including design, construction and property maintenance.

Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to helping you move your business forward.