Meet Max

Misericordia University Junior Max Gariano has joined the Mericle team as an intern in the accounting department. After graduating from Crestwood High School in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, he knew he wanted to pursue accounting, which he calls, “the language of business.”

Max knew that Mericle was heavily involved in Northeastern Pennsylvania real estate because of the company’s many property advertising signs he saw throughout the area. Now that he is an intern, he understands the true depth and breadth of the company. Before starting, Max had no idea how big Mericle’s construction division or the great lengths Mericle takes to manage its many properties. He now sees just how many pieces are needed to run a company efficiently.

Max has enjoyed putting into practice at Mericle what he has learned in his accounting classes at Misericordia University.  He feels the most appealing aspect of his internship is the amount of trust his team has in him and in each other. He says this has allowed him more room to learn and grow.

Max has appreciated being treated as an employee by his team, never singled out because he is an intern “All of the employees here are so welcoming. I wouldn’t expect to be invited to football games or holiday parties as an intern, but the fact that I am shows just how generous the team at Mericle is.”

Outside of his internship, Max is involved in many college activities. He is vice president of the Business Club, Student Government Treasurer, a soccer player, and on the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. In his free time, Max likes to go to the gym, read, and be with his friends and family.

After Max receives his MBA, he hopes to get involved in the banking industry. He also hopes to own and operate a trucking business with his father. What he has learned during his internship has already helped his decision making with his personal business ventures. “Even well into the future, I will be able to look back at what I have learned at Mericle to find accounting solutions,” he said.