Congratulations to our tenant Geisinger Health System, which formally opened its cutting edge Precision Health Center during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 20th. The 14,000 square foot, $562,000 facility in Mericle’s Cross Valley West Professional Center in Forty Fort will be home to highly specialized teams from Geisinger’s Clinical Genomics and Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute (ADMI) and will serve as the primary location for Geisinger Research in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Genomics – the study of DNA – uses genetic information for a variety of purposes, including improving health outcomes, a guide to patient care, and to manage diseases. The genomic information can aid in the identification of diseases and in the development of drugs that target genetic variants. These diseases include autism, cancer, and diabetes. According to Geisinger officials, this facility will be a resource to other institutions, providers, and patients. “The genomic data that will become available to our team at Forty Fort will allow us to give patients access to genomically informed health care in a manner and at a scale that has not been seen before,” said Michael Murray, M.D., director of clinical genomics, Geisinger Genomic Medicine Institute.

The new facility will provide more than 50 jobs. Geneticists will have the ability to share their knowledge with patients and providers all over the world through video-conferencing software.

Mericle is very proud of our design and construction teams, which did a great job converting an older industrial space – the former Acme Warehouse – into one suitable for leading edge research.

Founded by Robert K. Mericle, Mericle Construction Inc. self-performs virtually all aspects of development and construction, using its own in-house personnel, Mericle Construction is better able to control costs and fast track delivery schedules to meet its clients’ needs. It fashions itself as a throwback to the “master builder” of old when experienced craftsmen self-performed all aspects of the construction process.

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