At Mericle, we’re engineered for performance.

Our ReadyToGo!™ Program is so finely tuned, you can be in business up to two years sooner than expected.

Mericle is preparing 90 ReadyToGo!™ Sites on 1,800 acres in 11 Northeastern Pennsylvania business parks. Close to 40 are finished and waiting for your business.

These sites can accommodate buildings from 10,000 square feet to 1 million square feet.

ReadyToGo!™ means our sites already have NPDES permits and all subdivision, development, and utility approvals. In most cases, we have completed all grading, including the placement of compacted stone sub-base in the building and pavement areas.

Having the NPDES permit can, alone, save up to one year on a project’s start date. Add that to the possibility of a hit on your PNDI search or the need for HOP driveway access, and you might add even more time to the process, stalling your project for another 9 – 21 months.

Then there’s Mericle’s ability to self-perform all aspects of your project — from design and excavation to construction.

Add them all together, from time of hire to move in, and we can have you ready for business up to two years faster than most other developers.

At Mericle, We’re ReadyToGo!™ when you’re ready to grow.

Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services, founded by Rob Mericle, is a vertically-integrated company with more than 200 in-house professionals with expertise in all aspects of commercial real estate development and construction.  The Mericle team includes licensed architects, land planners, professional engineers, surveyors, licensed electricians, plumbers, carpenters, certified public accountants, in-house legal counsel, leasing and marketing professionals, licensed brokers, property managers, and more. 

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