Ireland Davies Stays for the Summer

Ireland Davies, a writing major at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA, is sharpening her writing skills as an intern at DiscoverNEPA. Powered by Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services, DiscoverNEPA promotes the quality of life of the 10 counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania via customized videos, feature articles, a website and multiple social media assets.

Davies extended her spring internship with DiscoverNEPA to continue adventuring with the team for the summer of 2021. Thus far, being an intern has allowed her to write in a professional setting and embellish her already existing creative writing skills.

Davies Quote

Though she remarks the workplace is very spontaneous, you can most commonly find Davies covering “Let’s Do Lunch,” a column that attempts to get people back into restaurants and enjoy a bite to eat around NEPA. These experiences have helped her become a more effective communicator and build her network. She jokingly remarks that she thinks she has met more people in the past five months than she has her whole life.

Even though writing is her specialty, Davies has been able to try new things through her internship, like seeing a video shoot and learning more about photography. Ireland states that becoming well-versed contributes to a sense of self-sufficiency that will surely have a positive impact on her future.

Ireland’s education has highlighted the importance of being a versatile writer, a skill she has been able to develop while interning with DiscoverNEPA. She has gotten to know so much more about her home area of NEPA while expanding her skill set.


Civil Engineering Intern Joins Mericle’s Team

Luke Yanisko, a Civil Engineering major with a focus in Geotech at Penn State University, is interning in the Civil Engineering Department at Mericle. His road to get to Mericle was not necessarily a smooth one. Originally, Luke had plans for an internship with a different company, but that internship that fell through.  That’s when Mericle employee Jeff DeAngelo suggested Luke apply to Mericle.

Luke already knew the Mericle name from seeing the company’s many signs and vehicles throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania but he never realized how much work was done by the Mericle’s in-house team of 350 skilled professionals. He said he is impressed by “how much dirt Mericle’s excavation division moves to prepare sites for new buildings.”

When it comes to his coworkers, Luke sees them as genuine and helpful people who are good communicators.  Under their guidance, Luke can be seen working on a variety of projects on any given day.

Luke QuoteOut of the two sides to his internship, his favorite part is being in the field. This comes as no surprise as Luke is certainly an outdoorsman who loves fishing and hunting in his free time.

Though Luke will certainly be busy interning and taking a summer class, he hopes he will walk away from this internship having enhanced his project management skills.


Mericle’s Marketing Department Welcomes Two Summer Interns

Two college students have started their summer internships in the Marketing Department at Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services. Jenavieve Pursell is a Mass Communications major with a focus in Visual Brand Communications and a concentration in Marketing at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre. This summer she is doing an internship in Mericle’s Marketing Department.

One of Jenavieve’s classes this past semester focused on internships, where the class questioned if you should “hit the ground running” when starting. According to Mericle’s Marketing Vice President Jim Cummings, she has done just that.

She has already gained an abundance of new skills during the first few weeks of her internship, like editing websites and learning the basics of flying drones. She has applied the tips and tricks of Adobe InDesign that she has learned in her college courses to her daily work at Mericle.

Jenavieve has been busy designing photo collages for Mericle’s available properties and maps of business parks. She remarks that it is very rewarding to gain practical experience doing what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Her internship opportunity has allowed her to reflect on her education thus far and realize that she is doing what she loves.

When she is not in the office, she can be found taking care of infants at her part time job as an Assistant Teacher or applying the finishing touches to the King’s College Regis Yearbook, where she serves as the Layout and Design Editor. Though her days are busy, Pursell says each part is different in its own way. Being used to working with children, she finds the office is much quieter and offers a change in environment.

Kyle Ralston is a Marketing major with a minor in Management Information Systems at Temple University. He has been adapting to the office as an intern in the marketing department at Mericle.

During his first few weeks at Mericle, Kyle has been working on research-based projects such as compiling contact lists for the nation’s top retailers and third-party logistics companies. He has gathered information about business operating costs for metro areas in the Northeast U.S.

Kyle RalstonThough the flying itself was impressive to Kyle, he was also impressed with the quality of the videos and photos the drone is able to capture.

When it comes to marketing, Kyle has developed a passion for the math and psychology side of the industry. Through his internship he is hoping to gain a better understanding of the digital and creative side of marketing.

Kyle is glad that his first internship is at Mericle and that the team has made adapting to a corporate setting a very smooth transition. He became interested in Mericle because of the tremendous economic impact the company has on Northeastern Pennsylvania.